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Bernhard Lingens

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Über mich

My academic activities are the cornerstone of my understanding of innovation management: As a researcher at University of Lucerne, University of St. Gallen, and Aalborg Business School, I am generating knowledge about innovation management. As a knowledge-driven individual, this serves as the foundation of what I am doing in practice and as a lecturer.
I am driving innovation, since knowledge is worthless if not applied: As a start-up investor and as a founder.
For the same reason, I am enabling innovation since this allows me to multiply my knowledge: As a management consultant, keynote speaker, start-up mentor, and advisor. And as a lecturer for both undergraduate students and experienced managers.
Beyond that, my life is all about improving: With every step I take, I want to develop as a person. Understand my personal flaws and shortcomings, work on them, develop my potentials and, ultimately, create a positive impact on the life of people around me.

2 Kurse